Planet texture

Some parts of the planets remain to be mapped. True Earth colors as seen from space may vary depending on the camera used, duration of exposure, lightning conditions and atmospheric conditions.

Textures in our pack are sharp, bright and colorful. Earth in our textures has a lot of vegetation and less snow. Contact us: contact solarsystemscope. Solar Textures. These textures represent real planetary maps in equirectangular projection.

You can use them in 3D rendering, or just open them in any image viewer and explore the surface of planets :. Download High Resolution Textures for Free. High resolution. Venus Surface. Venus Atmosphere.

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Saturn Ring. Earth Day Map. Earth Night Map. Earth Clouds. Earth Normal Map. Earth Specular Map. Sun, Moon and Stars. Textures in this pack are based on NASA elevation and imagery data. Colors and shades of the textures are tuned accordng to true-color photos made by Messenger, Viking and Cassini spacecrafts, and, of course, the Hubble Space Telescope.

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The colors are slightly more saturated in order to highlite a unique nature for each object. Distributed under Attribution 4. Orbital and rotational characteristics Handbook - The Sun 3. Handbook - Venus 4. What is astronomy?I work in the field of advertising. One day I needed an image map of our planet for use in a rendering for a printed piece, and was suprised to discover that such a thing was pretty hard to find.

So I created my own using scanned data, lots of painting, and reference to USGS digital elevation map data. Once I had completed both a bump and color map of the Earth, I turned to the other planets in our solar system, scavenging data where I could and piecing together the images I am sharing here. Above, you'll find links to pages where you can obtain high-quality texture maps of the planets for the purpose of 3D rendering.

You'll find notes on the creation or source of each map, and a small sample rendering of the map to show you how it will look in your artwork. Interspersed amongst the pages you will find the occasional rendering tip.

Version 2.0 Now Available

These maps are simple cylindrical projections, designed to be applied to spheres using spherical projection. If you use any other projection method, the map will appear distorted on the final product. A note about prices: Some of the larger maps and the 3D objects require PayPal payment. This has been done to help defray the costs associated with hosting this site.

I've tried to keep the prices reasonable and fair. A note about nomenclature: Some of the maps here are available in more than one size.

Planet texture maps, drawing and rendering galleries, 3D objects, and tutorials

I have chosen to label these 1K, 2K, 4K, etc. The number refers to the horizontal resolution of the image. A 4K image is pixels wide. The vertical resolution is always half of the horizontal.

On each page is a thumbnail image of the map used on a sphere in Cinema4D. If you click on the thumbnail image, a larger, more detailed version will open in a new window. The maps are free to download and use as source material or resource in artwork or rendering CGI or real time in any kind of project - personal, commercial, broadcast, or display.Released on November 14, version 2.

Textures for Planets is a free program to bulk generate dozens of unique planetoid wrapping textures for planets, asteroids, and moons.

planet texture

Refine it down to incredible detail. If you've got the memory, use up to 10 million points of data to create your worlds. Apply thousands of shifts to the surface of your world to create continents, islands, and deep basins.

Apply randomly placed tool effects to crater and crack the surface, add volcanic mountains, and rough things up. Include only the clouds, only the surface, or both. Toggle navigation. Version 2. Generate Dozens of Worlds Textures for Planets is a free program to bulk generate dozens of unique planetoid wrapping textures for planets, asteroids, and moons. Continental terrains Beautiful cloud layers Cracks and craters.

Seamless wrapping textures Custom sizes Dozens of worlds at once. Download Textures for Planets runs on Windows and is completely free of charge. Worlds Out of the box templates include fungal, icy, oceanic, terrestrial, rocky, volcanic, and more. Explore Worlds. Starter Packs Download royalty free starter collections of textures for use in your projects. Starter Packs. Start with a Mesh Refine it down to incredible detail.

planet texture

Apply Landscaping Apply thousands of shifts to the surface of your world to create continents, islands, and deep basins. Add Some Clouds Apply thick bands for gas giants, or fluffy whisps for terrestrial clouds.

Crack and Crater the Surface Apply randomly placed tool effects to crater and crack the surface, add volcanic mountains, and rough things up.

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Generate Dozens of Worlds Create dozens or hundreds of completely random unique planet textures in one click.The Earth is a complex planet to render. There are large land areas of varying color, and it can be difficult to find a suitable texture map in the public domain. There are vast areas of open water which are both specular and reflective. The planet is shrouded by layers of complex clouds with varying opacities. And the planet is blanketed by a thick atmosphere.

I have gathered together all of the public domain data to create this synthesis of images which, while not accurate or true in the strict photographic sense, is never the less detailed and aesthetically "correct.

Mapping texture to planet

If you are wondering where the Moon images went, they are now located further down this same page. The 1K versions of these images are free. Bandwidth costs force me to charge a nominal fee for the high resolution versions 2K, 4K and 10K.

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Please note: When you get to the end of the PayPal process there will be a "Continue" button on the lower right side of the screen. When you click the "Continue" button you will be brought to the page on this site where you can download the larger image maps.

The Moon is a tricky planetoid to render. It has a very distinctive albedo which remains constant across its lit side, regardless of the angle of the surface to the sun. Therefore, standard rendering lighting models do not apply, as they always have a characteristic drop off in intensity as the angle of incidence to the light source increases.

In Lightwave, there is an option to use a "non-Lambertian" lighting model on a surface setting.

planet texture

In previous versions of Cinema4D, you had a contrast control in the lighting setup. This is the method I used on the same pictured here. Bathyspheric data was used to modulate the color of the water so that deeper areas are a darker blue than shallow areas. It contains landmass elevations only, with the ocean at zero, and the top of Mt.

planet texture

Everest at Use this as a bump map to give the appearance of the Earth's rugged surface features. Some madmen have also used this data in POV Ray as a displacement map on a very finely divided sphere to produce a "true" 3D version of the Earth. Use this to control specularity and reflectance of the ocean surface. I took their x black and white city lights map, and adapted it with a color table to a colorized version of my earth color map.

This comes in 2k, 4k, and 10k versions in color, as opposed to the maximum 2k size of the NASA version of this map higher resolution versions are available on the paid page only because of their size. Be sure to have a look at the tutorials page for a special rendering tip for using this map.

Based on a mosaic of satellite data, colorized, data errors retouched out, and fixed for seamless wrapping. Based on the same data as the color map, but leveled for the purpose of transparency mapping. This map is based on a mosaic of satellite data, retouched for visible mosaic seams and for problems with the wrapping seam.

Since this image contains highlight and shadow information independent of the location of your light source inevitable because of how the moon is illuminated by the sunyou'll need to be careful how you light this so you don't break the illusion. This map is my attempt to derive bump information from the above map.CubeMap is a software package for conversion of textures in a cylindrical projection to a quadrilateralized spherical cube projection a cubemap projection for short.

Supported any resolution of an input texture, any number of channels per pixel, 8-bit or bit, signed or unsigned integers. The format of the input textures is raw plain uncompressed data array.

It is a simple text file that contains a set of lines of the form:. The value can be of four types:. Both utilities can work with other configuration files, in case when they are passed to them as a command line parameter:. It is recommended to associate a. The same is true for the. You can specify paths to the input file and output folder in the command prompt.

In this case the corresponding parameters from the configuration files are ignored:. CubeMap [myconfig. The path to the source cylindrical texture is specified by the InputFile parameter; the path to the output folder for the cubemap texture is specified by the OutFolder.

If it is not specified, the temporary files will be stored in the OutFolder. The source cylindrical texture should be in the raw format. The raw format is a plain two-dimensional array of pixels, the size and capacity bit-depth of which is described by the following parameters in the configuration file:.

Input16bit — capacity bit-depth : 16 or 8 bits per channel InputByteSwap — for bit only: true for little-endian MACfalse for big-endian InputUnsigned — for bit only: true for unsigned, false for signed value InputLatOffset — longitude offset, in degrees. The cubemap texture consists of six faces, with names given to them in accordance with the semi-axes of the coordinate system, which they crosses. Let the origin is in the center of the planet.

The X-axis is passing from left to right, i. The Z axis is passing towards the observer, i. Scan of the cubemap texture is standard:. Some planetary maps are not centered on the zero meridian. For example, it may run on the left boundary of the texture. The resolution of cubemap faces is calculated as a quarter of the width of the original texture, rounded up to the nearest power of 2.

Each face is organized as a set of tiles. Resolution of the tile is determined by the parameter TileWidth and must be no more than the resolution of the face. The total resolution of each level is doubled sequentially, and the number of tile files is quadruplicating.

It will have the reduced image of the whole face. Resolution of each tile is again xthus the common resolution of the level 1 will be x The level 2 will have 16 tiles, and so on. Indexing is carried out from the left to the right and from the top to the bottom. Here is the example picture of the first three levels with tile resolution of x :.Download your HD realistic planet textures here!

Planets are the unchallenged champions of establishing shots, with the power to transport a viewer to the other side of the universe in an instant. This is why some of the most iconic imagery in cinema history has featured these planetary spacescapes. Wall-E does a great job of using planets for storytelling too, as viewers can see how our entire planet has become polluted into a brown-muddy looking ball in future history. How do you create the planets? Well, these textures can be applied to spherical surfaces either in 3D modelling programs such as 3ds Max, Cinema4d or Blender.

Game creators can apply these textures in Unity to help make their sci-fi game even more stunning! We have gone ahead and built out additional maps for even more control, such as height maps and illumination maps for the volcanic planets, so 3D artists can take their renders even further by giving true detail to their terrain.

Modal title. Upgrade to Pro. Login Register. Creating using our planet texture maps! HD Mountain Set Extensions. Create an Epic Space Scene. Using our Puddle Maps!Discussion in ' Assets and Asset Store ' started by moctezumagamesJan 25, Search Unity. Log in Create a Unity ID. Unity Forum. Forums Quick Links. Asset Store Spring Sale starts soon! Joined: Jun 9, Posts: I've found a blog with free HD planet textures I have to say, impressive textures with Creative Commons Atribution license, so you only need to credit him in your work.

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Joined: Jul 15, Posts: Looks good, thanks! DreekaJan 25, Joined: Nov 2, Posts: I love you!!! PixelFireXYMar 22, Joined: Apr 9, Posts: Thanks a lot for the link!

They do look great. NandusMastaMar 22, Joined: Mar 14, Posts: 4. I'm not entirely sure, but I think NASA has free high quality textures for all of the planets in our solar system except maybe Pluto.

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Nice find; thanks for sharing! LadySnowWhiteMar 22, Joined: Aug 20, Posts: 1. OrzolaOct 25, Joined: Jan 22, Posts: 1. It even has gas giants and cloud texture support.

How To Make A Good Planet Texture

Hope y'all don't mind the plug. GwdrynJan 22, Westland likes this. Deleted User. The bitmaps previously linked to in the original post, freebitmaps.

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